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    Buckeye Book Fair promotes Ohio aviation

    The 27th Buckeye Book Fair promoted more than Ohio authors in Wooster on Nov. 1. It made flight a central theme.

    It was lucky for me. Thanks to the efforts of The History Press, I received my first invitation to sign books at the annual northern Ohio event. I signed two books, both on aviation themes--The Dayton Flight Factory and The Dayton Air Show, a coffee-table book of photos that I co-wrote with Dayton Daily News photographer Ty Greenlees.

    Photo of Tim Gaffney and Don Thomas at 27th Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, OH

    Tim Gaffney with astronaut Don Thomas

    Don Thomas, a Cleveland native and former space shuttle astronaut, and his co-author Mike Bartell were also there with their new book, Orbit of Discovery, about Thomas' 1995 space shuttle mission with an all-Ohio crew (the sole non-Ohioan was granted honorary status by then-Gov. Voinovich). Organizers placed us front and center at adjoining tables.

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    The Wright factory as Orville saw it-from the air

    Aerial photo of Wright Company Factory Site in Dayton, OhMaybe it's because I'm simply a poor planner, but some of my most memorable experiences have resulted from coincidences—and sometimes several coincidences piled up in a big heap of serendipity.

    That's exactly what happened yesterday evening (Thursday, Sept. 25) when I found myself high in the lovely fall sky over Dayton's most historic area—the West Third Street corridor where the Wright brothers invented the airplane and started America's aviation industry.

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