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    David McCullough rolls out 'The Wright Brothers'

    Photo of cover of David McCullough's book The Wright Brothers

    David McCullough's new book The Wright Brothers (Simon & Schuster, $30) went on sale today. I stood in line outside Books&Co in Beavercreek this morning, waiting for the store to open so I could buy my own copy.

    I wanted to make sure the bookshop didn't sell out before I could get one. The new book is getting mega publicity, including a feature on CBS Sunday Morning this week and positive reviews in major papers.

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    I'm wearing Tom Hanks' tire marks

    I'm wearing Tom Hanks's tire marks.

    That's how it feels, anyway, after a flurry of news interviews last week about the announcement that the Hollywood star's company Playtone will produce an HBO miniseries about the Wright brothers, based on the book by… David McCullough.

    There's nothing an author loves more than being interviewed by the news media about plans to produce a major film or TV series based on a book—except, maybe, when it's someone else's book.

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